A number of Gospels were discovered 

at Nag Hammadi, by the Nile River in Egypt in 1945.

A library had been hidden in a large earthen jar

of pottery. This discovery will change the modern world,

and will certainly change the Christian world.

        When I discovered the Gospel of Thomas in 1970,

and saw its implications, I went into the woods and

built a cabin on a cliff, a place of power. With no

distractions, no electricity, no radio or T.V., no

telephone, I started working on the manuscript.

         Many unbelievable things happened to me

as I was focusing on the words of the Gospels.

The northern lights circled directly above that

place, which I now consider sacred.

        As the weeks turned into months and the

months passed, my natural human abilities started

to return to me. There was no road to the place.

There was a goat path off to the side of the cliff

and slightly behind it. The path was

a third of a mile long, winding down steep

rocky hills to a dirt road.

         After living in the hut for some time,

my telepathic abilities returned to me. I knew

if someone was walking on my path long

before anyone arrived to visit me.

Some passages were impenetrable,

at least to me. I was at a loss to finish

an inscrutable sentence, and I sat still

for a time staring at the page. I had

reached an impasse. I had no idea

as to the meaning of an excised

passage that had been destroyed.

The clouds would open, the sun

would shine down between the clouds,

and my hand would start writing again.

        Often I’d be trying to figure out what

the top of the page meant, when my hand was

writing the bottom of the page. I had to

find out what the bottom of the page meant


At such times, passages were written

that there was no way in this world I would

have had the courage to write. And there is

no way I would have thought such thoughts.

Here is one such passage.

Once again, you be the judge.

I shall not send my son again,

To be crucified in the world of men.

In the age to come, men will be crucified

Upon the Christ.”

         I didn’t confront this passage, nor did

I understand what it means. There are

whole parts of the Cliff-Top Writings

I haven’t looked at in twenty years.

But now I’m getting older, and I

don’t expect to live forever. I want to finish

this task I started as a young man.

The manuscript is here before me.

                         * * *


         “Drink the waters of the fountain

I have dug. and you shall be as I am.

And being what I am, I shall breathe

into you new Breath. I shall be your

Comforter; I will not leave you

comfortless. You shall know Me

through My Word, and you shall not

taste death.”

“I am always with you, nearer

than you think; and when you replace

an Eye for an eye, not in vengeance,

and not in pride, then you may see Me

as I always am, throughout unending

days and nights, I reach to you My

hand; I offer you My Sight.”

“They have killed the Son,

but here I am, the true Heir

of the Garden.”


“The Kingdom has come, but

men know it not.”

“You have asked My Father

for the Son; My Father and I are One.

On the day of harvest the weeds will

appear, which the thief planted. You

too are a Thief, but with my blessing,

for what is yours in Mine. You will

help others to open the door.”

“And now I must leave, if you 

are to see Me. I must leave; so that

when I am gone, I will come to you

 and comfort you in your need.”






                                    (C) 2013-2016 by W.G. Milne






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